My Favorite Band Ever!!!!

Every time I have supported you guys, I've enjoyed you so much. I get the chances to get my dance on. Every song is amazing on your play list. The voices are to die for and you guys play the heck out of those instruments. Collectively you guys comment each other. You're an amazing group and should a packet deal!!! Please don't stop the music!!!

               Palmdale, California 04/22/2019

Get your groove with B.I.G.

As a professional dancer, I am always looking for a great dance band and B.I.G. does not disappoint! Love the energy the guys exude as they perform. And I love that they can be found playing around SoCal on a weekday, too! 

In my opinion, personally and professionally, the talent of B.I.G. is always worth following them!!

               Orange County, CA 04/23/2019

Best in the west !

I've been seeing these fine musicians for some time now & I'm convinced that B.I.G is the best in the west R&B ,old school,hip hop funk band. Their twist on arrangements of the songs they play are fun & entertaining. These talented professionals will make you sweat on the dancefloor. Great singing & musicianship. Best in the west! Guitarist ,Artist Cisco Robles

               California 12 /19/18

Amazing Band with Amazing talent!

Off the Charts!  Played at my daughter's wedding recently and I can't give them enough stars or enough reviews!   All of my family and friends raved about them all night!  Couldn't stop dancing.   What a performance given by B.I.G..   We recommend them to everyone we know, they are an Amazing group to watch, listen and dance to.    Definitely made the night at my daughter's wedding.

               Temecula Valley 04/19/2018

Off the charts impressive

The BEST in the business.. these guys are an extremely talented group of musicians that I cant say enough about. Thank you so much for making my daughters wedding spectacular... see you again soon

               Temecula 04/07/18


I had heard most of the band members of B.I.G in various other bands before and liked them all. But the band that Marcus "Slim Shaw has put together is just well something else. High energy, a great book, excellent musicians and the lead singer Jon Mycal is amazing. If you have never heard these brothers you really need to ask somebody...oh yea just ask me.

               Irvine, Ca. 3/22/2018

High Energy Funk / Dance Band

My wife and I are live music junkies.  We make a point to see a lot of it.   We've enjoyed B.I.G. at Humphries, Coyote, our wedding reception, and two nights ago, we saw them at Hollywood Casino.  The band is better than ever.  Every song danceable.  Excellent musicianship.  Exquisite harmonies.  High energy.   These guys are true pros!  So much fun.   

               Encinitas 02/19/18

Fantatstic Funk Band

I am a 64 year old ex-professional dancer that has been looking for a live funk band to dance to.  B.I.G. is incredible and I plan to follow the funk!  The music is amazing, the band is outstanding, and I am looking forward to the next event. I recommend this band to anyone with old school flavor.

               Chino Hills 02/10/17


B.I.G. is so entertaining❤ I saw them last night at Pechanga Resort & Casino and they played a refreshing variety of old-school, new-school and new old-school hits that I seldom see performed live and they nailed EVERY SONG???? Everyone there was having such a good time and stayed on the dance floor! Next time I'm bringing my dancing shoes☺

               Murrieta, CA 2/10/18

B.I.G. please please please come back more often!!

I heard a lot of promotion and commotion about this band with a significant meaning behind their name, B.I.G. [Brothers Igniting A Groove] which was interesting. I waa told to check out YouTube and that's all it took, I had to see them in person !! And when I did my mouth stayed opened like omgosh, really, I don't believe this! They were phenomenal and playing all kinds of songs that everybody in the audience were dancing too. The singing was great don't get me wrong but what kept my attention was how the bass player was bumpin on the bass. It was like he was just standing and stomping on beat. My friends have already gave word to be ready for March 2-3 when they return. We'll all be up front and waiting for B.I.G. to hit the stage !

               Chicago, Illinois 02/03/2018

Great music and entertainment

I joined my girlfriends Saturday at the Starting Gate. Never realized it was so close to home. I heard about B.I.G. performing at a New Years Eve celebration and after seeing the pictures and videos made me regret not attending. I have to say I enjoyed dancing the night away to some great music!!!!! And now I hear they're returning Friday and Saturday next month are the only the best reasons I look forward to returning. I wished they'd be out in LA more often. B.I.G. is the business!

               Cerritos, CA 02/06/2018


I heard a snippet of B.I.G. from a post on Facebook and saw the videos my friend posted from their New Years Eve show. I got a chance to see and hear them Saturday at Starting Gate personally. This band is AWESOME. One of my new favorite bands.

               Tupelo, Mississippi 02/06/18

Check B.I.G. out once and you're HOOKED

I have been to three of B.I.G. 's performances; I've taken different friends each time and EVERYONE is asking where are they from? When will they return? These guys are fierce with the funk, smoking hot, jammin hard and playing EVERYTHING that keeps you on the dance floor! Like Wowwiewowwow we haven't had any band like this in ages. Based on every response is why I continue to rave about B.I.G. and continually recruit more fans. I reserved one table during January, for February I had to reserve two. We'll probably need multiple tables for March. I can't say it enough... y'all jam hard and you give your all ... WE love it all! See you next month if not sooner! I'm personally creating a new fan base because everyone deserves to get a dose of B.I.G.

               Los Angeles 02/06/2018

Birthday was amazing with B.I.G.!!

I organized a small group to join me at Campus JAX and listen to "this R&B band that's really good." Ha. I was skeptical but B.I.G. did not disappoint! I barely sat down all night!!! I'll be following these guys around the OC for sure! My DC groooove has been saved. Thank you guys!

               Laguna Niguel 01/12/18


The first time I heard B.I.G.,was at Pechanga, and from that day on...became our favorite  band. My husband & I drive from Diamond Bar to hear them play & dance the night away. It takes us sometimes 1 1/2 hours to get there & is worth it.  Also, see them at JAX & at Starting Gate. 
Love the R&B Smooth Jazz & Old School Funk Band. The whole group is GREAT!


               Diamond Bar 01/10/18

B.I.G. make me wanna move!

What is there not to say about B.I.G..   We need them in Temecula Valley more often!   Fun, fun, fun!   The band is amazing!   Love the old school music.  They just don't make music like that anymore and B.I.G. brings it back to life.   They are so much fun to watch, listen and dance too.   Try to see them every time they are nearby.   I guess we'll have to follow them to other counties :-).   Love them so much we booked them for my daughter's upcoming wedding, can't get enough of them.   You guys are Awesome.  Keep doing what you do,  you make all the worries and stress go away.    Love love love!    

               Temecula Valley 01/10/2018

The best hard funk around

These guys are an amazing band. Saw them at Starting, and they are hands down the best Funk band I have seen in years.

               Long Beach 01-10-18

They’ve got the Funk alright

B.IG is just what we need in The OC..If you are looking for old School Funk, look no more. Top notch musician grace us with their talent and keep the dance floor packed.I️ found them by accident and you know their are no coincidences in life..just gifts and BIG is  definetly a great gift.. 

               Huntington Beach 10/07/17

B.I.G. Fun!!!

From the very first time I saw and heard this group, I was very impressed. They present themselves professionally on stage and they engage the crowd. They don't just play, they perform. They have high-energy and play fantastic dance tunes (Both Old Skool and New). They are all very talented musicians in their own right, but put them together, and it's MAGICAL! I now seek out where they are going to be playing, and put it on my calendar. Go see them! You won't be disappointed. Make sure you wear your dancing shoes :-)

               Campus Jax, Newport Beach 10/07/17

Kobe Steak House Seal Beach

Had a amazing night listening to B.I.G. Danced all night long kept me wanting to hear More if you ever get the chance to listen to this amazing band live you will so enjoy totally recommend ENOUGH SAID ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

               Long Beach, CA 09/09/16

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